Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baking and Morale

It's important to manage morale of people. Small things to keep people not just motivated but to keep their self esteem healthy. For example we have one person who has low self esteem who likes to bake. Baking is theraputic for many reasons; it helps you decide you can make things which transfers to making you a better programmer and it also helps you see people actually like what you made. That last point is really important for people who didn't come from strong families with good parents who could instill confidence and how they were successful into their kids. If the parents had a rough life then the kids sometimes have low self esteem.

So I pay for this person's HD membership and make sure the baking money jar always has something in it. I made sure the first time she baked something she had way more money in the jar than she expected. I think the little things are important when you are starting out because when a person has a small recent happy memory, that can replace a lot of bad history. Most of the times people don't even know what makes them happy; they just exist and follow their emotions.

Not many people take the time to do this. Good thing this blog is private. People would call me a nut.

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