Friday, October 22, 2010

Java Concurrency Class

Finally, I found someone who can teach the Goetz book. 2 years to find this person. I found him through a reference when I was a judge for a hackathon in San Jose.

The format is revolutionary. We don't have slides, the instructor displays an IDE and types in code to demonstrate key points as the lecture proceeds. He alters code or creates special test cases if questions arise and can be best answered by an experiment. This is big because it allows programmers to emulate a better programmer. This is the same as in sports. If you see a better tennis player then you can try to emulate that person to get better, with an emphasis on fundamentals. This class shows this.

Class is packed. SRO. We could easily pack in 200 people for a class like this. Time to go get a sponsor with a bigger room.

marshall pierce is amazing. I hope to be able to teach a class like this someday.

I was so envious of David Newman who I met recently. He demonstrated for me how he was using the iPad to draw. He could sit and do a portrait of a person right in front of them. The reaction on the person's face was overwhelming. they were so happy. I could never do that coding. Who wants to see code?

Until I saw marshall in action, that is what I thought. You can teach and give someone something. It is a limited audience but to see someone excited after you give them something; that is priceless and it is also some sort of insurance you know you are investing your time in developing a skill that is valuable. If people are excited about something they there is probably money in that; enough hopefully where you can make a decent living at it.

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