Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Android Camera vs Apple Gen 4 ipod

The Droid camera has more pixels and photos taken of text look sharper. But photos taken of rooms, of people, outdoor and indoor scenes seem to look better with the iPod. The iPod generation 4 is vastly different and a dramatically cost reduced version of the iPhone 4. They aren't even close. I didn't realize the cost of the h/w difference. Using low end h/w, the iPod is impressive engineering in terms of how good it is, battery life, usability, etc..

The Motorola Droid phone has a 1.3MP camera vs a 691k pixel ipod camera. The iPod camera should suck.
Droid photo:

The ipod has a better UI for uploading and email photos, for example there is a whoosh sound when the photo is sent via email so you know the photo is off without checking.

ipod Photo:

Both photos suck viewed in a browser. The ipod photo looks sharper, it looks
like the focusing mechanism is better and the photo on the iPod screen looks better than the droid phone

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