Saturday, December 25, 2010

Maven Eclipse M2_REPO classpath

Use maven to create the file structure AND download the jars you need to ~/.m2/repository.
To integrate into an eclipse project/IDE for the GUI debugger you can run mvn eclipse:eclipse to create the .classpath and .project files.
Import the project into eclipse and the maven project name, same as the directory name, will import into eclipse.
YOU HAVE TO ADD A ECLIPSE CLASSPATH VARIABLE M2_REPO=/Users/dougc333/.m2/repository AND you have to make sure the build path LIB JAR Files for the project are set. Maven sets this for you.

Hey this and shit have the same characters. .... I accidentally typed one word for the other when typing fast and the order got convoluted. This is related to the configuration convention hassles in Java. Ruby did it right, everything was designed from the ground up so there are less interoperability bugs between the different tools.

Once this is setup correctly we will compare. I gave up on EJBs a long time ago.

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