Saturday, December 10, 2011

Opensource politics

I spent 2 years waiting for the right opportunity to start an open source meetup where we could train Java Engineers to become Apache Contributors. I met Roman 2y ago at a data mining event.

Finally the right project came along. Apache Bigtop which was donated by Cloudera to the Apache open source community. As far as I can tell Apache took it.

I spent >1k buying the projector, paying membership fees and donating additional amounts for the instructors not to mention a mess load of time which I really don't have.

Some dude from Hortonworks joins my meetup, and I email him invites, opportunities to present, and an email address thinking he wants to be part of the community. I was wrong. He had no intent to partipate.

A couple days pass. I am busy at work, I get sick with a cold for a day, on the same day my demo for work is due. Sucks. Too much stress.

Then I get an email from Roman telling me some dude Alan from Hortonworks is telling me I have to modify my meetup page removing the "sponsored by Cloudera" phrase and I have to move a link to my wiki page with my solutions to the labs off the meetup page description to the comments section. This is legal? And Roman is terrified in the process from what Hortonworks told him whatever the hell it was.

I sure it was just a misunderstanding. So I emailed Hortonworks directly. No response. I emailed the dude who joined the meetup group. No response. Figures.

So I removed the links and did what they said so as to not create problems. Problem is when you get bullied they just come back for more trying to inflict more pain to make themselves feel good. It isn't about fairness or clarity or helping the community or helping others who want to learn. Is it about trying to blunt the possible competitive advantages of people trying to be better people.

I don't see how Hortonworks has any right to tell me I can't put a link referring to my wiki on my own meetup page. If there is a trademark issue that would be separate. I also don't see how Hortonworks has a right to demand we remove statements referring to Cloudera's sponsorship of our meetup group. We met with Amr and got his permission to do so. Without their permission no way would this meetup group work. They are Cloudera employees. After hours work activities like teaching which are related to ones employment still should receive permission from one's employer. Thank You Cloudera. Shame on you Hortonworks for bullying me through a friend of mine and not having the politeness to contact me directly even after I sent one of your employees who joined my meetup group direct messages.

My guess Hortonworks will be back in some form, probably in some sort of trouble making mode. Meanwhile I banned the dude from my meetup group. They aren't going to help or contribute anything to the community. And based on their past actions, they would probably serve as a distraction to the people trying to learn.

There seems to be a person, Robert who signs into all the bigtop meetups and never goes, keeps on responding "not going." Not sure if this is related to HW or not.

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