Tuesday, March 5, 2013

storm 0.8.2 build instructions

For storm-0.8.2 you need leinengen 1.1, for storm-0.9.0 you need leinengen 2.2

Download leinengen from github, select the 1.1 branch.

remove .m2 and .lein if you have a previous install and/or you get bugs with running lein version with clojure.jar files. Note 1.1 uses clojure 1.2.1 and storm uses clojure 1.4

verify you can run lein version without any jdk error messasges. You may have to uninstall the oracle jdk and install an earlier version of the open jdk.

Download the source distribution from github, choose the 0.8.2 branch, download the  zip file and unzip. cd into the directory with project.clj and run lein compile or lein jar

lein jar will produce a jar you can use for the /opt/storm symlink in the install we used for storm.spec and storrm-service.spec.

You will have to install uuid, there are several uuid libraries, uuid-devel, libuuid-devel

install the source for jzmq-2.1.0 and run ./autogen.sh which will create a configure file.  Then run ./configure, make, and sudo make install.

When  compiling jzmq-2.1.0 you will get error messages on uuid not in java library path.

install libuuid-devel
install uuid-devel
install uuid

you should be able to compile after this. You do not need zeromq sources to be installed.
After running lein jar you should see the storm-0.8.2.jar file created.

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