Friday, June 18, 2010

Amazon AWS talk, Lightning talks, free credits

60/130 showed up. Alex McClure offered to sponsor the Dojo for the classes.

Jinesh liked Larry's classes on AMI/AWS administration, he asked him to follow up with him on syncing up with Amazon on their internal class materials. I think Larry can do a better job than anything Amazon generates because he can go out and help people one on one. Amazon can't do that.

The default setting where you leave the instances on 24x7 is expensive, ~1$/day for the smallest configuration. The right way to configure this for development is to store config, setup, runtime files on s3 or EBS and shutdown/restore the instance as needed. This means you have a replication/backup strategy automatically but it does mean the developer becomes the sys admin also.

Tyler's talk was excellent, a new version of k n-neighbors. Nobody in the audience understood it by the lack of questions. We should present this in front of a more focused machine learning group next time; maybe the data mining meetings run by Greg Makowski.

We need better map reduce classes where the design patterns in the Jimmy Lin book are brought out with Java code.

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