Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

These blog posts are like a diary. I hate making diary entries. But I have no way to remember or keep track of so many things.

Tried a thai chicken salad recipe and rolled it in rice paper spring roll wrappers without the noodles for a low carb load.

Chicken, steam 5-10 minutes with bones removed on top of smashed lemongrass and shredded kaffir lime leafs.
Make paste from fresh fresno peppers, garlic, shallots, galanga if you have it. Add tumeric if you like. Fry in oil or coconut cream to bring out the flavors.
Take 1cup of the broth and reduce with the paste.
Add the reduced curry sauce to the chicken, it should be spicy.
Add equal parts of cilantro, sawtooth coriander(Rose Market or Vietnamese markets), rau rum, cilantro. This is key. Rau ram goes very well with chicken. You can use other types of protein like edamame, tofu, turkey, Dittmers sausages.
mix with chicken and spring salad mix. I added arugula to the spring salad mix.
Add cashew pieces, the broken up ones you get for cheaper at the store. Whole cashews don't work as well because they are too big.
Roll in spring roll.

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