Friday, June 25, 2010

Was a judge in the hackathon on Tue. I went to the event at 7am to get info on the API which included a workbook tutorial and the data model of Chatter. Chatter is a web page which looks like a facebook webpage. You can send/receive data to/from this webpage.

Everyone assumes programmers like pizza:
Pizza was awful but I didn't eat dinner so I ate more than I should have.

Run by Kavindra:

and Nick:

and Dana:

Top 3 winners:

First place was a 15" macbook pro and ipad.

It seems like someone should get a phone answering machine working for real and integrate it into chatter using or Twilio. Something so you can see real data from a cell phone. Maybe something where you can send it EASILY to a chatter page.

John had a way to send/receive chatter messages to/from groups:

Ahmad had a project management chatter application:

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