Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazon S3 Video Transcoding conveting from Stanford Video to iPhone

When installing the S3 tools you will be prompted for path to GPG tools.

You will have to install the GNU PG tools located here:

Download the source from:

Extract, configure, make, make install as root or sudo.

When you specify the file for GPG in S3CMD –configure you have to enter /usr/local/bin/gpg not just /usr/local/bin.

Do a ls of the iphone bucket at s3://iphonevideos, select a video and download it to the sonofmmm instance. Make sure to put the url in quotes like 's3://iphoneclassvideos/Xcode, Finding Help, Debugging (January 15, 2010).m4v' so punctuation will be interpreted as part of the path.

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